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Coats of Arms and Crests Belong to Individuals, Not Surnames

This is why there is no coat of arms or family crest for the family name ‘Sherwood’ -- only a coat of arms and crest granted to someone with that name many years ago. This is why there is often more than one coat of arms associated with a given surname.

In England and Scotland direct descent is required for any heir to have the legal right to bear his ancestor's coat of arms.

The bearing of coats of arms is not regulated in most countries, including the United States, thus there has been a proliferation of ‘family name’ companies offering histories and coats of arms for a given surname, which have no validity in England or Scotland.

John Sherwood

East Hendred, co Berks

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A source of reference is a book Sherwood of England - Sherwood Notes by Mary Sherwood Hale Published 1928 in the USA. (See Archives page.)

This is compiled from reprints of British Mss. and other sources of genealogical research between 1878 and 1928 There is a section on Sherwood Heraldry (1563), which describes the arms as ‘Argent, a chevron between three mullets sable’ as illustrated opposite. There is however apparently no provenance recorded, so it can not be attributed to anyone.

Shearwood Arms

Not attributed

Other sources for Sherwood Heraldry include  An Ordinary of Sherwood Arms (with crests) by G.F.T Sherwood (1924): B. Burke, The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. 1864: A. C. Fox-Davies, Armorial Families. 1929: John W. Papworth, Ordinary of British Armorials. 1874 and James Fairbairn, Book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland. 1905.  

Oliver Caton Sherwood  Capt. West India Regiment

A more detailed account of Sherwood arms may be found in the Member’s Area

The arms we use as a logo on this web site are generic and do not belong to any particular person