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Some other early references to the name in England are given in A Dictionary of English Surnames by Reaney & Wilson (OUP, 1995): the Concise Oxford Dictionary of National Biography 1992, with others collected by members of the group.

WILLIAM de SHIREWUDE  Assize Rolls: Yorks (1219)


WILLIAM SHIRWOOD Schoolman, Treasurer of Lincoln (1260)

CATHERINE SHERWOOD ‘heiress of her House’, married (1313)

JOHN SHIRWODE, Merchant in Ripon (1324)

WILLIAM SHIRWODE, his son (1325)

ALAN de SHIREWOD  Subsidy Rolls: Sussex (1327)




ADAM de SHIRWODE, taxpayer in Aldfield, Yorks (1379)

ALLEXANDER de SHYRWODE, taxpayer in Eggborough, Yorks (1379)

ALICE de SHYRWODE, his wife (1379)

HENRY SHYRWOD, merchant, taxpayer in Eggborough, Yorks (1379)

ELIZABETH, his wife (1379)

MARGARET de SHYRWODE, Ostler, taxpayer in Eggborough, Yorks (1379)

WILLIAM de SHYRWODE, her son (1379)

HENRY de SHYRWODE, her son (1379)

WALTER SHYRWODMAN, taxpayer in Eggborough, Yorks (1379)

ANABEL, his wife (1379)


JOHN SHIRWOD Inq. Post-Mortem Yorks (1405)


RICHARD SHYRWOD, warden of Ouse bridge, York (1428)

JOANNA SHYRWUD, cottage tenant in York, (1437)

WILLIAM SHEREWODE, cook to Sir James Fenys, Lambeth (1449)

JOHN SHYRWOOD, Cambridge University, (1450)

WILLIAM SHERWODE, of Southfleet, Kent, Will (1471)

ROGER SHIRWOD, of Southfleet, Kent, Will (1474)

WM. SHERWOOD was Lord Bishop of the Palatinate of Meath, Ireland (d. 1482)

JOHN SHIRWOOD, Bishop of Durham,  in Rome (d.1494)

JOHN SHYRWOOD, of Westerham, Kent, Will (1509)

ROBERT SHIRWOOD Hebraist & Greek Scholar; studied Oxford (1520)

RICHARD SCHRYWOD, of Westerham, Kent, Will (1533)

ELIZABETH SHERWOOD Coroners' Rolls: Notts (1539)


Prior to the reformation by a series of acts of Parliament passed between 1532 and 1534

the early Sherwoods would have been Catholic.

Blessed THOMAS SHERWOOD of London, martyred by hanging at Tyburn on 7 Feb 1577, became the first Catholic martyr of Elizabeth’s reign.

Abstract from Gloucestershire inquisitiones post mortem : returned into the

Court of Chancery in the reign of King Charles the First  1625-1636

Sherwoods through Time

For genealogists perhaps the most notable Sherwood was GEORGE F. TUDOR SHERWOOD, a professional genealogist who was one  one of the founders of the Society of Genealogists in London where his Sherwood Genealogy in 6 volumes is the most important collection of Sherwood pedigrees in the world. He was born 22 Dec 1867 in Fulham, London the son of George Albert Sherwood and Fanny Elizabeth Tudor, died 22 Feb 1958 in London. His obituary is in The Genealogists Magazine June 1958. He came from a Berkshire family of Drayton & Shippon  c 1570.

More information on him and his research can be found in the Members Area